Nourish to flourish, better health but where to turn?

Why is nourishment important?

Nourishing our body is a key factor to a healthier life, we are what we eat. Supporting an effective eating plan with quality sleep, adequate exercise and some time dedicated to mindfulness places us in a good position to enjoy life.

We know this….Right?

Nourishment starts soon after our first breath and cry when born….

Since we first have taken breath as babies and growing as children we know we need to eat, drink, sleep and move. If we don’t this impacts how we feel, our energy levels and overall general health.

This is a very challenging thing to do with most people struggling to nourish our bodies each day. We struggle to achieve this basic task.

It’s essential but for many reasons not seen as a priority. We find excuses daily not to show self care. We fail our bodies each day, our bodies require us to feed it as it cant do it by itself.

Why is this so difficult for us to nourish ourselves?

We find reasons easily to take short cuts and skip meals. We create reasons quickly as they roll off the tongue.

Balancing work, school, exercise, sleep, water intake with a balanced diet is challenge we all face.

Finding this balance can be more of a challenge now with mixed messages online. But why is this so difficult?

Many messages or products are driven by companies, brands, fad diets or the latest celebrity news. It is difficult to define fact from fiction.

Seeking independent advice from a trained health professional on how to improve a healthier and balanced diet is critical.

Knowledge is a journey that never ends.

The same rules apply to nourishing our bodies, as we continue to learn more about our environment and what we consume. Information evolves and recommendations made in the past may not be valid.

So how do we know what to do for better health?

  • Evidence based advice, not the current fad diet
  • Ensure it is independent and balanced from influence
  • Experienced in multiple health disciplines
  • Delivers real life solutions

So where do i find better nourishment advice?

Searching for answers online may not find you the outcome that is sustainable to maintain. Let me share with you a few steps to start prior to seeing a professional.

You have to be honest with yourself and your selected professional to achieve the best outcome. I encourage you to make a diary for two weeks of how you are currently living. The good, the bad and the ugly….

Start with a this…

A Food Diary

Note what you eat and what time

Home made or purchased

Approximate size (photos) are a great tool as portion size is important

Alcohol Diary

What you have consumed (wine/spirit/beer)

Approximate (ml) consumed each day

Sleep Diary

How you slept and how many hours?

How many times did you wake?

Why you think you woke each day?

A short summary as soon as wake each day will help

Device Diary

What time did you last use TV/Phone/Laptop/Ebook each day?

Stimulation late in the day can disrupt or delay sleep

Exercise Diary

How often are you exercising per week?

How long are you exercising for each time?

What is the exercise and intensity level (Rate 1-10)?

How do you feel before and after?

Do you stretch, breath or meditate?

Gather this information together over a week or two to assist your support or coach in a Dieticians or Nutritionist. This insight will get you a great head start in the conversation to better health.

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