Thai dessert with Brasswok

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For our 1st blog, from our partners from BrassWok Cooking School, Phuket.

A school established to share the craft of Thai cookery online and face to face with visitors to Thailand or those just wanting to offer their loved ones something exotic and traditionally Thai.

Thai Mango & Sticky Rice Dessert

Thailand offers so many delicious dishes, especially desserts using a wide range of local ingredients.

Mango Sticky Rice is a signature dish, especially in Southern Thailand.

From street venders to 5 Star restaurants the dessert maker recreate and share their version, as a result you have a large offering to choose from at every dining experience.

Why is it so special?

All just as proud to be Thai and making a dessert close to their heart. Mango Stick Rice brings backs childhood memories to all that share their craft of cookery.

So what does it taste like?

A combination of sweetness of mango, coconut with a touch of salt through the stick rice.

A perfect combination that satisfies the taste buds, a balance of flavours.

Enjoy every mouth-full